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Quirky Parties on Facebook

I started a Facebook page for Quirky Parties.   Why?  I’m not quite sure, or wait, I think it was because my friends thought it was a good idea. I was under the impression that these friends of mine would chat amongst each other to keep this Facebook thing going.

Then it occurred to me that it would be a good way to put all my vintage and quirky stuff all in one place together with any other quirky and weird stuff that I might find on the internet. So maybe it was a good thing?

Right now as we speak, there are a few peeps waiting for me to serve them lemonade, pimms and cute little food items on sticks. I promised a party if they became a fan. I think they are starting to get restless and want to leave.

Will you be my fan and get the party started? Be sure to invite your friends. The more the merrier.