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Wooden ladders – Inspiration

Old rustic wooden ladders are an understated wedding decor item. It may not sound appealing but wooden ladders can add a great whimsical charm to your wedding style. When you think outside the box they can be very versatile. It’s easy to turn a simple object like a ladder into a beautiful piece of decoration and it makes an interesting talking piece at any wedding or event.

Old wooden ladders with paint splatters on them are the best. The more rustic and shabby it looks, the more charming it is. Wooden ladders are perfect for bringing a rustic finish to any function and an element of quirkiness to any wedding. Ladders can be used to hold your flowers, photographs, vintage books, love words or any other personal decor bits. In this way the ladder would serve as a very pretty design element to cheer up an otherwise empty space. Use a bit of creativity and imagination to achieve instant style.

Then we come to the practical part of wooden ladders – the uses for these are many and varied. They are great to use for your table plan. By adding frames with names of your guests to the ladders it becomes a seating plan. Ladders make excellent stands for little favour boxes. These look pretty when stacked onto the ladder steps. The steps can serve as a handy and unusual platform from which guests can select candies, cupcakes and delicious treats. Add a few containers with sweets and you have yourself a unique candy buffet.

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wooden ladders for wedding decor - Quirky Parties Wooden ladder wedding decor