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Dispenser with tap for drinks

The beverage or drinks dispenser is a great idea for a vintage themed wedding. It’s perfect for lemonade, juice or any cocktails you would like to have for your wedding. These are especially handy when serving beverages out of consol jars. The beverage dispenser is an invaluable item to have as it allows for drinks to be prepared well in advance. This also keeps your drinks fresh and cool. They look amazing when displayed with fresh fruit and makes a cheerful, colourful accent.
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Drinks dispenser - glass jar with tap for drinks - Quirky Parties.
Drinks dispenser for hire from Quirky Parties
Glass jars for hire - drinks dispenser with tap - Quirky Parties
Glass drinks dispenser with tap for hire _ Quirky Parties
Beverage   drinks dispenser - glass jar with tap for hire - Quirky Parties
Glass jars - Drinks dispenser _ Quirky Parties
Beverage or drinks dispenser -glass jars for weddings and events - QuirkyParties