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Wedding Decor: The places you might miss

We know how stressful it can be when you getting married for both the couple and the service providers. In all the confusion, over thinking and just trying to get everything done its easy to overlook a couple smaller details. This post will go over a few key areas you might want to spend a little time thinking about.

The entrance

It seems kind of obvious but at the same time it sometimes gets overlooked. Often guests arrive in the parking lot and wonder around before finding their way into the venue. This is made all the more confusing when the venue doubles as a restaurant and guests go off in the wrong direction. A lot of couples tend to go for arrow boards leading the way. Why stop there.

Quirky Parties Entrace Vintage Decor Sign

Quirky Parties Entrace Vintage Decor Lanterns Sheperd Hooks

Quirky Parties Entrace Vintage Decor Ladder Crates

As your guest enter they should know where to go and get a the feeling of celebration. While arrows are a huge help they can be dull. Add a board welcoming your guests. Spice up the wording to something more light hearted instead of the normal ‘wedding this way →’. Combine flowers, ribbons, crates or lanterns to add that extra flare to what is normally very plain. Another idea to lead the way is by placing either flowers in console jars, lanterns or shepherd hooks along the route your guests would walk.


Probably the one that gets overlooked the most. Often you assume the venue has some basic decor of their own and therefore you don’t need that extra cost. A fair assumption but also a lost opportunity to wow your guests. At a bare minimum I would suggest at least an extra flower arrangement for each bathroom to match what is on the tables.

Quirky Parties Toilet Vintage Decor Window Sill Console Jars

Quirky Parties Toilet Vintage Decor Window Sill Cups

Look for gaps and ways to make use of them. Most bathrooms will have a windowsill where you could add a couple small vintage decor items or what ever suits your theme. Another creative idea is if your venue allows and you can find a moment, hand write a message on the mirror to thank your guests for coming. Alternatively have a little thank you notice printed on transparent paper and placed over the mirror to create the effect of actually have written on the mirror.


A bar is really easy to add your style too however its an area I think a lot of couples tend to just go with what the venue already has. It is all about finding those places where you can add your own style to. You want your guests to feel like everything is all tied together. Adding flowers to the bar would be a great place to start.

Quirky Parties Bar Decor Signs

Quirky Parties Bar Decor Outdoor

Take things a step further with fairly lights either lining the bar or perhaps even create a waterfall of lights down the side of the bar. Bars tend to have a lot of open space to work with in front or along the side of them. This would be a good spot to have your new surname or a big ‘Mr & Mrs’ sign hung. A growing trend is to set up your own outdoor bar with juice dispensers.

Newly wed’s Car

Perhaps not an area you might miss but an area where people tend to follow the traditional ribbon of the car. Another classic idea for your car is tins tied to the back. We have seen all those before and I always feel like its a wasted opportunity for something more creative that will make your photos more dynamic.

Quirky Parties Car Decor Balloons Floral Flowers

Quirky Parties Car Decor Floral

Quirky Parties Car Decor Floral Bride and Groom

Why not have a sign saying ‘Just Married’ with large balloons ties to the back in your wedding colours. Take a couple photos standing next to your car with the balloons waving in the background. If that is not your style perhaps have a string of flowers line the back of your car. If you having a vintage wedding pose in front of your car with a couple vintage suitcases.

We believe every wedding needs to have a style or theme and should be carried out from start to finish. This is so hard when you trying to get everything done in time. Hopefully this post will help you ensure you don’t overlook those opportunities.