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5 Beautiful Wedding Table Centrepieces Ideas

No wedding should go without table decor in the form of centrepieces. Its not always easy to come up with ideas that suit your style and budget while also being creative. This post will go over 5 beautiful wedding table centrepieces ideas.

Distressed Bottles / Consol Jars

Quirky Parties | Centerpieces - Bottles Quirky Parties | Centerpieces - Bottles

Distressed bottles with vintage labels and a small selection of flowers. Wrap some ribbon along the top in your colours. An inexpensive solution. Similar to this is another option of consol jars wrapped in hessian with a ribbon tie.  These options give the centrepieces more room for a creative diy feel as opposed to the conventional vase. Add in a wooden slice with a candle or two to really make it stand out.


Quirky Parties | Centerpieces - Bottles

When the night rolls in and you start lighting candles why not add some flare to the decor by using lanterns. Lanterns can also be used to hold flowers, sea shell or anything actually. Lanterns work well and can be adapted to suit  your wedding theme and colours.

Vintage assorted items

Quirky Parties | Centerpieces - Bottles Quirky Parties | Centerpieces - Bottles

Give each table ‘something old’ with a ‘new’ twist. Vintage items like old kodak cameras, vintage scales or tiny suitcases can be used as centrepieces. Place the vintage item with a flower or two and you done. An inexpensive option if your grandparents can dust off their own vintage pieces.

Upside down wine glass

Quirky Parties | Centerpieces - Bottles

I really like the idea of using an upside down wine glass as it gives you the option of placing something within the glass and on top of the stem. Often a simple protea or simple flower will be enough with a small candle on top. Alternatively you can spray paint the glass to suit your wedding colours however you lose the option of placing items under the glass.

Candy Jars

Quirky Parties | Centerpieces - Bottles

Glass candy jars are great, especially for round tables as it works well from all angles. Candy jars are versatile in that you can put anything from candy, flowers, sand and sea shells if you having a beach wedding. For long tables why not have a large candy jar in the middle with 2 smaller jars on the sides.

Center pieces serve as decoration to help theme your wedding. It’s important to make sure your choices works with your style, tables and budget. Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for your wedding center pieces.