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Our Top 5 Vintage Decor Items

Our collection has grown over the years as we constantly look for new items. From our range we have hand picked 5 of the most iconic and detail rich vintage items. In this post we will showcase those vintage decor items and explain their history.

1. Vintage Gramophone

While our vintage gramophone is a reproduction it does make for a beautiful decor piece.  A gramophone is well suited for any type of event with a vintage theme. It’s base is a dark wood while the large horn is brass.

QuirkyParties - gramophone - Side view

How to use a vintage gramophone:

A vintage gramophone does not need much at all to beautify a space. Simply find a suitable spot with a few extra decor details to fill any area.What we have done before was to place an upside down bashews crate next to the gramophone. On top of the crate we added a consol jar filled with flowers and a vintage book bundle.

View our vintage gramophone

2. Singer Sewing Machine

The Singer sewing machine was built in America, some dating back to 1865. What is really interesting is the time spent adding very detailed designs to the machines. It’s beautiful to think designs that at the time might not have been exceptional but have stood the test of time for us to enjoy today.


How to use a vintage sewing machine:

A sewing machine is more suited for baby showers or a wedding as a symbol of sewing of 2 pieces to create something new. Decor wise a couple flowers and if for a baby shower a cute baby outfit next to it will look good.

View our vintage singer sewing machine

3. Vintage Salters Scale

Our scale is a salters improved family scale made from cast iron and brass, British made. This vintage scale dates back to 1900 and would have been a standard kitchen scale in its time.


How to use a vintage scale:

Typically used as a center pieces with flowers places in the pan at the top. If used for a baby shower we suggest a couple baby items instead like a teddy bear, baby shoes and perhaps a couple flowers on the top.

View our vintage salrers scale

4. Kodak Six-60 Brownie Model D Camera

The Kodak Six-60 Brownie was originally made in England around 1946. The horizontally striped front model D was then made between 1953-1957.


How to use a vintage Kodak camera:

Another simple center pieces idea or just a way to tie into your vintage theme. Place the camera down with a bundle of books and a few flowers in a vintage distressed bottle.

5. Vinatage Remington Typewriter

We have an array of typewriters but this is our favourite. Its a Remington 16 British made typewriter that is 100 years old and amazingly still works.


How to use a vintage typewriter:

Depending on if still functional like ours, the typwriter should allow your guests to leave messages for the newly weds. Set up a simple display with some flowers, blank pages, typewriter and a sign asking your guests to leave a message. Alternatively on its own its a beautiful vintage piece with a couple smaller items around it to fill an area.

View our vintage remington typewriter


Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for your next vintage themed event. Want to find out more about our range or how we suggest styling your events send as an email.