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10 Popular Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas

Rustic weddings are a diverse and creative style centred around natural organic textures & patterns mixed with a bit of DIY. In this post we look at just 10 popular rustic wedding decor ideas.

1. Wood Tree Slices

Quirky Parties - Wood Tree Slice
An extremely versatile decorative item. Most commonly used as part of centerpieces. They serve as a base for your decor. We often suggest using 2 wood tree slices stacked with flowers in a vase, bottle or consol jar. This creates hight as well as making it look more dynamic. Tree slices work very well for round tables as part of the main center piece. If you’re having long rectangle tables we recommend a main center piece with tree slices and smaller decor items on both sides of the center piece. The rich textures of the wood and bark stand out in your photos. Other ways to use wood tree slices are as under plates or just used in any open area with flowers to add to your rustic theme.

2. Glass Window Frame

Quirky Parties - Window Frame
Glass window frames have a couple different uses. Our most window frames are commonly used as table seating plans. All you need is a white marker and something to write out the seating plan. A more affordable option than having table seating plans designed and printed. It also ties in with the DIY and rustic theme. You can also get creative with how you display your glass frame. If your venue has a large tree or a porch area you can hang your glass frame. Take advantage of how many frames you have by using each frame to spell out a word. For example a 4 frame glass window frame can be used to spell out ‘LOVE’.

3. Birdcage center pieces

QuirkyParties - Bird Cage
Birdcages with a rubbed down look, some flowers and a couple of candles are great centerpieces. Often, depending on the bird cage, the flowers will spill threw the cage and have a slight overhang. A simple center piece idea that works well for any type of table or set up. If you’re having circle tables however we do recommend circular birdcages over square cages.

4. Wooden Pallets

QuirkyParties - Wood Pallets
Wooden Pallets are really easy to find and make great sign boards. Get a wooden pallet, some paint and a brush to welcome your guests. Another option is to use them a directional board. Simply paint the name and arrow pointing out where everything is. Either hang your pallet or lean it against a wall, tree or even hay bale. A DIY project that will not take you every long at all.

5. Black Boards

QuirkyParties - Black Chalk Board
Black boards are easy to use and can work for almost anything. From tables numbers, seating plans, menu boards and more. Hire a couple of blackboards in place of having something designed and printed. Chalk boards also allow you to get a little creative by using colours that suit your theme or just writing a beautiful quote. Our most popular black boards are our 10 panel setting plan and our large menu boards.

6. Crates

QuirkyParties - Rustic Crates
Crates are amazing, seriously! Throw down a couple crates with a few decorative items and flowers and suddenly you have a stunning display. Crates are relatively inexpensive to hire too. This works in any area. Often best at an entrance, porch, next to steps or out on the lawn. Crates can also be used to create a little bottle or consol jar display for those who are having a lemonade stand or pour your own drink bar.

7.  Wagon

Quirky Parties - wagon
Having an outdoor wedding? Use a rustic wagon to serve drinks and snacks. Add in a few hay bales, flowers, wood crates and a chalk board sign and you now have a gorgeous display.

8. Rustic blocks

QuirkyParties - Rustic Wood Letters
Rustic wooden blocks with letters on them can be used to spell out anything. Our ‘LOVE’ blocks look good on a windowsill or just as an extra decor item on crates or ladders. Another popular word is ‘GIFTS’ which is a simple way to add a little decor to your gifts table.

9. Wood table runners

QuirkyParties - Wood Table Runners
Wood table runners work best for rectangle tables. A beautiful way to add height to your tables and an easy way to tie into your rustic wedding theme. Our table runners are a solid dark wood. This dark wood on white tables also add contrast to your tables setting.

10. Card Cupboard

Quirky Parties - Rustic Card Cupboard
Often guests will give you an envelope on your wedding day as a gift. Before you know it you’re walking around with a bunch of cards you can’t put down. Place a card cupboard next to your gifts tables. Our card cupboards have a slit on the top to slide cards through and a door in the front to remove them at the end of the night. Not only does this keep your cards safe but creates a beautiful display.

Rustic themed weddings are fun and creative and have tons of room for DIY. If you planning a rustic wedding hopefully this post has inspired your rustic themed wedding.