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9 Elegant Table Number Ideas

Table numbers are a practical decor item you’ll need for your tables and which should look beautiful. Luckily there are tons of options to suit your style, colours and theme. Some are even pretty easy DIY projects. We showcase just 9 elegant table number ideas.

1. Black boards

QuirkyParties Table Number Inspiration - QuirkyParties Table Number Inspiration - Chalkboard

Blackboards as table numbers are great as they available in various sizes, styles, with or without frames. You can even buy chalk in different colours to get more creative. A relatively inexpensive option when compared to having table numbers designed and printed. Place the blackboard on an easel or prop it against your center piece.

Blackboards aren’t without their drawbacks. They requires beautiful hand writing. A badly written sign will throw out the entire look, ruining photos.  I would recommend drawing a frame or anything more creative so its not just a number. It is also a more time consuming option as each sign is best written on the wedding day. If you write the table numbers a head of time it could smudge before you have a chance to place it on the table. This will cut slightly into your time on the day.

2. Photo Frame

QuirkyParties Table Number Inspiration - Frame 1 QuirkyParties Table Number Inspiration - Frame 2

Using photo frames are a popular choice. All the frames are prepared before hand and requires very little table to set up on the day. Frames can be hired rather than bought too, this will not eat massively into your budget. Another reason why they are so popular is because they are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. All this makes it easy to match your theme or style.

A few things to keep in mind though. Photo frames require a printed number to fit the frame. Professional printing and design can be really expensive. We also suggest 2 frames back to back so guests on either side aren’t facing the back of a frame.

3. Wood Cut Out

Quirky Parties - Table numbersQuirkyParties Table Numbers - Wood

Wood table numbers are generally just solid wood numbers cut with a little base board to allow it to stand. Simple & easy to set up and can be hired instead of bought or custom made. Normally they are reasonably heavy in case you wanted to tie balloons to them. One major flaw however is it only looks good from one side as guests on the other side of the table will see a backward number. This is easy to avoid if you place the number in front of the center piece.

4. Metal Cut Out

QuirkyParties Table Number Inspiration - Metal 1QuirkyParties Table Number Inspiration - Metal 2

Metal cut outs are similar to wood cut outs but the numbers are cut through a metal sheet  The benefit of this is that guests on both sides are able to see the table number. You can also slide a small tea light candle into the table number. Suited mainly for industrial styled weddings but can be spray painted to match your colours.

5. Printed photo

QuirkyParties Table Number Inspiration - Photos 1 QuirkyParties Table Number Inspiration - Photos 2

Have photos of you and your bride or groom printed with the table number. A more expensive but very personalized option.  You have a couple of different ways to display them from placing them on an easel to gluing them to wooden blocks. These table numbers will also make amazing home decor for after the wedding. If you’re having an engagement shoot you could request extra photos taken for your tables where you hold giant table numbers.

6. Painted Wood Slice

QuirkyParties Table Numbers Inspiration - Wood Slice

Wood slices are taking over the rustic wedding style. More commonly used to give your center piece hight but with a little paint this quickly turns into a stunning table number. Paint either the entire center with chalk paint and write the number or just paint the number itself straight on. Cutting the bottom will create a smooth surface enabling your wood slice to stand on their own. You can even write on both sides of your wood slices. Alternatively stand your wood slice on an easel.

7. Designed / Printed Card

QuirkyParties Table Number Inspiration - Printed

The traditional option of having a nice clear table number printed is still a good choice. It give your graphic designer a lot of room to create something that will suit your colours and overall style. Easy to work with and will fit on an easels, in a frames, folded or could lean against your center piece. Printing can however be expensive and, depending on how well they are designed, could make or break your layout.

8. Bottles

QuirkyParties Bottle Table Numbers SignQuirkyParties Bottle Table Numbers Chalk

The use of bottles has been on the increase. A surprisingly versatile choice. Use bottles with flowers as your center piece with a printed label on the front. If that does not suit your style perhaps paint the bottle with chalk paint and use chalk to write your table number. Bottles often can serve multiple roles making this a great all in one choice.

9. Words

QuirkyParties Table Numbers Inspiration - Word / Table Name

Give each table a name like ‘love’, ‘passion’ or ‘adore’ instead of the usual 1 to 10. It also sounds more interesting for your guests who can say ‘Oh I’m sitting at “happiness”‘. One major draw back is that using words instead of table numbers can lead to confusion. Guests will have to check every table name rather than simply counting the numbers to find their table.

By now you should have a few ideas on what would work for your event or what would not. Hopefully this post has made the decision easier for what you’ll have as your table numbers.