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The Art of Candy Buffets: 5 Essentials Elements

Candy buffets have taken over the event industry from weddings, birthdays, baby showers or even corporate events. We have been lucky enough to set up many, many candy buffets and all with their own unique twists. What we have learnt is even though each candy buffet is different there are essential elements for a beautiful candy buffet.

In this post we will go over 5 of what we consider the essentials of a candy buffet. What we consider the “Art of Candy Buffets”.

1. Colours

Quirkyparties - Art of Candy Buffet | Colours
Colours are obviously important so it makes sense to start there. The colours you pick will ultimately lead to what candy you use. Common candy colours are white, black, pink and blue. We find picking 2 or 3 colours works the best. It allows you to get more types of candy since there is only so much candy that comes in certain colours. Use colours which complement each other or use a main colour and fill the gaps with white candy.

2. Symmetry

Quirkyparties - Art of Candy Buffet | Symmetry
Symmetry in candy buffets refers to how candy is placed. Candy bars don’t need to be exact mirror images but a visual pattern usually works well. Start at the center and work outward. The center is often a type of large jar not used anywhere else or a cake / cupcake stand. From there you start working outward. Adding new jars 2 by 2. One for each side of the center jar. What you place in those jars would normally be either the same type of candy or the same colour candy in the same type of display.

3. Levels

Quirkyparties - Art of Candy Buffet | Levels
Levels refers to simply giving your candy buffet height. Raising the candy jars serves 2 purposes. First it makes the candy buffet easier for guests to use. This is because candy jars further back will be raised higher therefore guests will not have to lean over the first row of candy jars as much. Secondly raised candy jars will help ensure candy jars further back are visible which will allow your photographer to get a good photos that clearly shows each jar. To add hight you could use anything from boxes, wood slices, cake stands etc.

4. Shape / Size

Quirkyparties - Art of Candy Buffet | Shape
Candy jars come in many shapes and sizes. Use candy jars that are different sizes to create a more dynamic look. Often we start with smaller jars and build up in side. Remember point 2. Symmetry, if you have a small jar on the left use the same type of jar on the right.

5. Contrast

Quirkyparties - Art of Candy Buffet | Contrast
Contrast is how well your colours go together but also stand out against each other and its environment. Contrast is not only important for your candy but also the table it’s on, the backdrop and your candy jar labels. White sweets with a white label on a white table is not going to ‘wow’ anyone.

Candy buffets can be a lot of work. There is a surprising amount of thought required with an eye for detail. Hopefully this post has sparked ideas or thoughts for your next candy buffet.