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5 Cozy Winter Wedding Ideas

Most couples want a summer wedding, forgetting how much winter weddings has to offer. In this post we showcase 5 cozy winter wedding ideas. These winter wedding ideas will turn your winter wedding into a winter win.

1. Blankets

Quirky Parties Winter Blankets
Blankets can serve a duel purpose. Use them to keep your guests warm but also as a wedding favour. Find blankets that match your wedding colours and create a display to present them as your guests arrive.

2. Fireplace

Quirky Parties Winter Fireplace

Some venues will have their own fireplace. Fireplaces can range from small simple indoor fireplaces or large outdoor bonfire type fireplaces. This area will create a focus point for guests to sit together and mingle.

3. Hot Chocolate Bar

Quirky Parties Winter Hot Chocolate

Serve your guests hot chocolate or coco from a dedicated and styled bar. Guests make their hot chocolate as they like it and simply add the hot water. Add small marshmallows to top it off.

4. Romantic Lighting

Quirky Parties WInter Lighting

During the winter months the sun sets earlier making it a lot darker. You’ll need some creative lighting. Not only does it brighten up your venue but also looks amazing on camera. Lighting wise you can go with candles, fairy lights or naked bulbs hanging over your tables. Even long length sparklers can be used to create a sparking send off.

5. Photo Booth

Quirky Parties Winter Photobooth

Winter weddings don’t often make use of the outdoors. Guests are left inside with little to do. This is especially true while you’re having photos taken. While a photo booth is not necessarily a winter wedding option it does give your guests something fun to do while they waiting inside.

Are you planning a winter wedding in Cape Town? Hopefully we have inspired a couple ideas for your perfect wedding in this 5 cozy winter wedding ideas article.