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5 Rustic Wedding Ladder Decor Ideas

Ladders have become a rustic wedding must have decor item. It’s not a wonder, especially when you think of all the many ways a rustic ladder can add to your decor. In this post we cover just 5 of the popular ways to use rustic ladders as part of your wedding decor.

1. Photoshoot

Quirky Parties Ladder PhotoShoot

Use a rustic ladder as a photo prop when taking your wedding photos. Take turns standing on the ladder while your partner stands beside it. The different heights will create a more interesting and dynamic photo. It is also a great way to show off your wedding dress. Using a rustic ladder as a photo prop requires no set up and is easy to move ensuring you’ll have the best possible angles.

2. Candy Buffet

Quirky Parties Ladder Candy Bar

Wedding candy buffets have certainly grown popular over the last couple years. It’s no longer enough just to have a candy buffet. You need something more visually appealing. Take a rustic ladder and slide planks between the rungs. Now you have a surface to place candy jars. While it does look amazing the only thing to consider is how low and high you place the jars. You don’t want to make your rustic ladder candy buffer inconvenient to use.

3. General Decor

Quirky Parties Ladder General Decor

Rustic ladders already have a natural beauty to them. Fill any open space, like an entrance, with a rustic ladder. Adding a couple of flowers in consol jars and a few smaller decor props to each rung will certainly look good. This will help tie in your wedding theme.

4. Seating plan

Quirky Parties Ladder Seating Chart

A seating plan is an important part of most weddings. There are a couple ways you can use a rustic ladder to display your seating plan. A simple example is to place a framed table plan for each table on the ladder rungs. Another option is to hang string between each rung and peg a table seating plan on it.

5. Arch

Quirky Parties Ladder Arch

Exchange your vows under a rustic themed ladder arch. A ladder arch is easy to put together. Simply place 2 ladders on either end with a third ladder running across the top of them. You can then add your flowers and cloth to further add to your rustic wedding arch.