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Vintage Wedding Book Decor Ideas – The Perfect Love Story

Whatever your “love story” may be, adding vintage books will certainly add to your wedding decor. Vintage books can be used in so many ways as part of your wedding decor. In this post we go over 5 vintage wedding book decor ideas.


Stacked vintage books can be used to add height to your centrepiece. Create stacks with varying height to create a more dynamic look. Another center piece alternative is to create a wedding book planter where you hollow out books and place your flowers within them.

Quirky Parties Stacked Booked Quirky Parties Book Planter

Table Numbers

Help your guests find their table by using books as table numbers. Add your table number to either the outside or inside of each book and stand them on the table. A simple and easy DIY project.

Quirky Parties Table Number

Ring Holder

Hollow out a vintage book and use it to hold your wedding rings. This will not only look great on camera but will also really tie in well with the “love story” concept. If that seems like too much work a simpler option is to tie your rings around the book with ribbon.

Quirky Parties Ring Bearer

General Decor

Sometimes you’ll just adding a few books in the right spots will really complete and complement your wedding decor. A couple of ideas include stacked books, hanging books, heart shaped books etc.

Quirky Parties - Suitcase - Vintage Display - HireQuirky Parties Heart Book

Seating Plan

Books can provide an open canvas for writing table numbers within the books pages. Use one book per table and list the names of your guests. How you display your vintage book seating plan is also important. Some ideas include hanging the books or displaying your vintage book on ladder rungs.

Quirky Parties Book Seating Plan

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for how to include vintage book in your wedding decor.