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5 Ideas for an Alternative Wedding Cake

Did you know wedding cakes have been apart of the marriage ceremony since medieval times? We think it’s about time for a change. Now I know cutting the cake has it own unique meaning however we have put together 5 ideas for an alternative wedding cake.

1. Macarons

Macarons have grown in popularity within the wedding world over the past few years. Commonly given to your guests as wedding favours however once stacked they quickly transform into an amazing alternative wedding cake. Macarons can be made in pretty much any colour you could imagine. You can use this to your advantage by creating a macaron tower that starts and ends in different colours.

Quirky Parties - Cake Alternative, MacaronsQuirky Parties - Cake Alternative, Macarons

2. Doughnuts

I love doughnuts! Doughnuts offer tons of options. From the classic icing covered doughnuts right down to those doughnuts covered with more toppings then there is doughnut. The mix of doughnuts will certainly looks good on camera too.

Quirky Parties - Cake Alternative, Doughnut

3. Cupcakes

An obvious choice for an alternative wedding cake. While it might be one of the most popular choices it does have it own benefits. The biggest benefit is being able to have many different flavors of cupcakes.

Quirky Parties - Cake Alternative, Cupcake

4. Cake Pops

If you’re unfamiliar with cake pops they are rolled up cake balls usually covered in chocolate and attached to a stick. Typically they are decorated in various colours and coated with sprinkles. A nice bite size snack.

Quirky Parties - Cake Alternative, Cake Pops

5. Candy Bar

Candy bars are another popular trend that has taken over the wedding world. Candy bars allow you to get creative. From the candy you pick to how you display them. Finding candy in the colours you want may prove a challenge however even the most mismatched buffets still remain a guest favorite. We have actually put together a whole article on “The art of Candy Buffets“.

Quirky Parties -  Cake Alternative, Candy Bar

Not every wedding has to be what your parent had. Hopefully this post has inspired your modern alternative wedding cake.