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Wagon: Ideas for your wedding

A wagon adds a touch of fun and whimsy to your wedding. If you are having a vintage or rustic theme, there are so many ways in which to use a wagon to carry the theme through on the day. Today I want to share a couple of ideas to decorate a wagon in different ways. Here are just a few.

Cake and dessert displays.

Mini desserts, cookies and cakes are such a huge part of weddings these days. If you are planning to have a sweet station why not end the evening off by designing a unique display on a vintage wagon?

Dessert table display on farm wagon - Quirky Parties

Cake and dessert wagon - Quirky Parties
Quirky Parties - Dessert table display on rustic wagon

Welcome Drinks:

Welcome your guests with a refreshing beverage. In the summer when weddings normally take place it can get hot when sitting through a wedding ceremony. Your guests will love to have a cold refreshing drink on hand to quench their thirst. The trend right now is to set up a drinks station and what a showstopper it will be to set up your drinks station on our wagon.

Wagon for wedding welcome drinks - Quirky Parties

Popcorn Station:

Using the wagon as the station focal point, set up a popcorn bar at your wedding. Select various flavours of popcorn and display in baskets or you may also want to use large candy jars. Have all your sprinkling seasonings and salts on hand. Also, be sure to have bags ready for guests to fill with popcorn.

Wagon - popcorn station . Quirky Parties

Drinks or Champagne Bar:

Later in the evening it will be time to toast the bride and groom. The wagon makes a great prop to serve champagne from. Make sure you have staff on hand to serve as not everyone drinks champagne and it might go to waste if poured for all the guests. After the toasting and if you are having an open bar, the wagon can double up as a shooter bar
Drinks station or champagne wagon - quirky parties

Coffee or Hot Chocolate Bar.

First, you’ll have to have a display section with a table or piece of furniture that is large enough for everything that you need to include. Our vintage wagon is an ideal choice for a coffee or hot chocolate bar.

Cofee or hot chocolate bar

Candy Bar:

Everyone loves candy. This is so popular today guests expect to get their sweet fix at a wedding. All you need is an assortment of candy in the colours of your wedding. This will need to go into pretty candy jars with some ribbon for decoration. A few scoops and tongs and you’re good to go. Display this all onto the wagon and you have a great decor piece which will be talked about for a long time.

Candy Bar Wagon - Quirky Parties


Guests at your wedding will normally bring a gift to celebrate your marriage and to stock up on the items you might not have in your home yet. The wagon will fit in with your vintage or rustic theme and also makes a great feature for placement of gifts
Wagon for wedding gifts - Quirky Parties

Our Wagon

Koeksuster bar on vintage wagon
Koeksuster bar on vintage wagon

For more ideas and pictures see the link to our Pinterest board