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Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a wood stacking game. It is the ideal lawn game If you have an event coming up and you want to add the fun factor. It is suitable for any event such as Weddings, Birthday Parties or Corporate Events etc.

Our giant jenga set is made up of 54 wooden blocks and is stacked in sets of 3. This makes up 18 stacked sets of 3 jenga blocks. Each block is 21cm in length and 7cm high. When stacked the full set stands at roughly 1.2 meters tall.

The objective of the game is to pull out blocks without knocking the tower over. Guests take turns pulling blocks out and placing them on top of the stack. This not only increases its hight but also makes the overall tower less stable for the next player. The pressure builds as the tower grows and becomes increasingly unstable until finally topples.

Entertain your guests at your reception while you are capturing your special Wedding day on film. It is also a great ice breaker to get family and friends into the spirit of the celebration. Giant Jenga looks amazing on camera and can really make your event more memorable.

Giant Jenga is an easy to play game that is loved by young and old and is suitable  for single or team events. This game remains the most popular giant lawn game for any celebration.

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