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Mini Picnic Combo

Mini Picnic Combo

Our mini picnic combo is a decor package suitable for 20 guests and has all the decor you would need for your event. This is ideal for baby showers or bridal showers

Please note that the pillows and blankets come in a variety of colours and selections of colours are not available.

Kindly note that as this is a “package” it is not interchangeable with any other decor.


5 x picnic baskets

5 x blankets in assorted colours

20 x pillows (assorted colours )

2 x 5 litre drinks dispenser with tap

1  naughts and crosses

1 x ring toss

12 metres bunting ( 4 x 3 metres )

20 x consol jars

20 coloured straws

1 x spiked blackboards

1 x heart shaped blackboards

2 x vintage crates,

R 1450
This item is a HIRE only item
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