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Long length sparklers for your wedding

Long length Sparklers for your wedding or any other celebration, is still available at price of R30 per pack of 6.
With the festive season approaching, many people are buying up sparklers for New Years Eve celebrations. We post all over South Africa. Don’t wait til it’s too late. Get your orders in now.
Long length 70cm wedding sparklers
Sparklers are still so popular at any wedding these days, whether it’s a day or evening wedding. They are especially beautiful when there are many lit at the same time. If you are thinking of having these for your wedding first dance, a brilliant idea would be to turn the lights down so that you are surrounded by sparklers. You can create awesome photo opportunities this way. The best choice are the long length 70cm sparklers which burn for 2 to 3 minutes. These are better than the shorter ones which last for less than a minute. The 70cm sparklers are available to buy from Quirky Parties. The long sparklers are seasonal and are not available all year round. So make sure to get them when they are in stock. Don’t be disappointed on your wedding day


sparklers - for - wedding

Don’t you just love the photos where the couples are writing love words and wondered how they did that?
Well, I was curious and came across a few sites explaining the technique. Just be sure to let your photographer know that you are having sparklers at your wedding. Click here for a look at the following link with tutorial. Have fun.

All photo credits can be found on Pinterest