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5 Table Runner Ideas For Your Wedding

Table runners are no longer the boring plain cloth we’ve all seen over and over. Table runners are used as decoration and helps tie in your with theme. This post will showcase 5 table runner ideas for your wedding.

1. Material Table Runners

The most common type of table runner is obviously material. With the endless options from type of material, colours, patterns and textures. One big trend we have been seeing a lot of recently is lace and hessian.

quirkyparties - table runners - cloth hessian quirkyparties - table runners - cloth


  • Easy to find for sale or hire. You could even make your own.
  • Inexpensive since most couples hire theirs instead of buying or have them custom made.
  • You have a lot more options.


  • Can be difficult to clean, especially if your guests spill wine or candle wax on them. This may be a problem for couples hiring.

2. Wooden Table Runners

An item we have seen grow in popularity. Wooden table runners create a visual focal point because of their colour and height.

quirkyparties - table runners - solid wood quirkyparties - table runners - solid wood 2


  • Adds depth, contrast and texture to your table. Especially good for photography.
  • Easy to clean, a simple wipe with a wet cloth and its ready to use again.


  • Can be heavy, especially if you have a lot of tables.
  • Depending on its size you might have difficulty travelling with it. Our wooden table runners are 1 meter in length but some couples might want longer pieces.

3. Mirror Table Runner

Set the mood by dimming the lights and light a few candles on a mirror table runner. A great way to add light as the mirror or any reflective surface will actually boost the amount of light on the table. Best suited for evening weddings to avoid the sun creating too much light and reflections.

quirkyparties - table runners - mirror


  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Adds more light to your table


  • Can be difficult to transport depending on size.
  • Could have issues with too much light reflecting into your guests eyes.
  • At certain angles you will see the roof. A suggestion would be to add decor to the roof else it might look bland. (Handing lanterns, fairy lights etc)

4. Floral Table Runners

Get branches from on olive tree or a similar tree and run them down your table. Place a few contrasting flowers between and any other table decor. Another options is to use strips of astroturf.

quirkyparties - table runners - floral


  • Possible DIY project
  • Takes away the need for a huge floral center piece.


  • Can be difficult to transport if you have a lot of flowers to cover the length of many tables.
  • Takes a lot of time on the day to set up when compared the simplicity of a material runner.

5. Book Pages

A great idea to symbolize the love story your guests are there to witness. Make it more meaningfull by using pages from your favourite books.

quirkyparties - table runners - book


  • Really inexpensive if you using any old vintage books.
  • Simple enough to make on your own.


  • Will get damaged easily.

What ever you decide decide try and make your table runners visually interesting, give your guests something to look at and add value to your photographs. Hopefully this posts has given you some ideas.