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Why you should hire Lawn Games for your Wedding

Looking for a fun way to entertain your wedding guests? Not sure if lawn games are the right choice? In this post we will discuss some of the reasons why we recommend you hire lawn games for your wedding.

1. Entertain guests while photos are being taken

Between the ceremony and reception there is this awkward gap where guests wait while you off having photos taken. Sure a couple of pre-drinks will help smooth things out and get the conversation going. How long can the small talk last? Filling this time can be difficult, especially since you’re not there! A couple lawn games are simple and easy to set up beforehand. This will not only provide entertainment for those playing but give your guests a talking point.

Quirky Parties Lawn Games Croquet

2. Looks good on photo

What would you prefer? An album of guests lingering with drinks in hand or an album packed with unique photos of guests playing lawn games? Not only capturing the fun but the emotions of winning, losing and expressions on the faces of your guests. Our giant jenga set is especially good on camera for getting the mix of stress, relief and happiness as each block is pulled out.

Quirky Parties Lawn Games Giant Jenga
Image by Jenni Elizabeth

3. An icebreaker

Multi-player game serve as an icebreaker. Especially useful when two families meet for the first time. A simple game can give guests something to talk about as each player takes their turn. This will help make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed at the reception.

Want to hire lawn games for your wedding?

We offer a range a lawn game for all types of events. You can browse our lawn game range here. Our range includes giant jenga, croquet, skittles and more.