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5 Clever Bottle Decor Ideas

Bottles are incredibly versatile! A perfect decor accessory for any type of event, from weddings to baby showers. Often it’s not about the bottle itself but how you use it. In this post we will share 5 clever bottle decor ideas.

1. Centrepieces

QuirkyParties Bottle Center-pieceBottles are an easy, economical but effective way to display flowers as centrepieces. It’s visually appealing to place single stems of different colours and arrange the bottles in groups of 3 or 4 bottles. As a center piece it works really well as the bottles aren’t tall enough to obstruct you’re guests vision. If your tables are rectangle place a group of bottles in the center with a single bottle and flowers to the sides. Tie in bottles with your style / theme by adding ribbons in your colours around each bottle. Having a rustic theme? Use some wood slices for extra hight. Add sand to each bottle for a beach event.

2. Table numbers

QuirkyParties Bottle Table Numbers Chalk QuirkyParties Bottle Table Numbers SignCreate a simple, rustic look at your wedding reception by using bottles as table number holders. Chalkboard painted bottles are great as you can paint them in colours that you like and then add the table number with chalk to the front. If you would prefer something printed perhaps print your table numbers slide them inside the bottle. Another idea is to create a tag  you could hang with your table number printed on it and simply slip it over the bottle.

3. Favours

QuirkyParties Bottle FavoursIf you fancy adding a personal touch to your wedding and ensure your guests love their favours a DIY liqueur is the way to go. Limoncello is a good choice as a homemade take home favour and can be used as is or is fabulous over ice cream. Alternatively wine bottled in smaller bottles is another great favour idea. Take it a step further by having custom labels printed and added to the front of the bottles.

4. Lead the way

QuirkyParties Bottle PathUse bottles with a couple of flowers in them to line a path. This is a really easy way to liven up an open area. This is especially good for walk ways, porch areas and along steps. With a little ribbon or string you could even hang bottles from shepard hooks for an outdoor wedding. Having an evening wedding? Use candles instead of flowers. Not only are candles romantic but they are beautiful in photos. Long tapered dinner candles in bottles along an aisle work really well.

5. Bottles in Trees

QuirkyParties Bottle Hanging TreeBottles can be hang from tree branches at different lengths with flowers in them. Add ribbon and watch it wave with the wind. Wrap the tree in fairy lights and add a few LED lights to your bottles to spark up your decor. This will almost guarantee incredible photos.


Bottles can be used in so many ways. If you find an open space like a window sill or bar counter use it to showcase your creative bottle decor. From simple bottles with flowers to bottles filled with sand and sea shells. We recommend having a couple of spare bottle inspired decor pieces to sprinkle around your venue.

Bottles are great since they can be used for anything and comes in so many shapes and sizes. Hopefully this post has given you some ideas on how to decorate your next event using inexpensive bottles.