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5 Ways you should consider adding height to your centrepiece.

Often you hear about how your wedding centrepiece should not be too high. The obvious reason is because it is difficult for guests to talk to each other, as well as if the centrepiece is too high it might block the view. While we totally agree sometimes you still need a little extra height for your wedding centerpiece.

Extra height will creates a more dynamic photograph, helps tie in your overall theme and creates more focus on your centrepiece. In this post we’ll cover 5 clever ways to add height to your wedding centrepiece.

Wood Slices

Quirky Parties - Wood Slide Centerpiece Quirky Parties - Wood Slide Centerpiece

Wood slices are fast becoming a key part of a rustic themed wedding. Wood tree slices come in so many sizes we suggest using 2 wood slices of different sizes per centerpiece. The smaller of the two placed on top of the large wood tree slice. This will usually add an extra 5cm of height for your centerpiece. This approach is best paired with smaller non-traditional centerpieces. A couple of flowers in a consol jar or a few bottles is all you’ll need to complete your rustic centerpiece.

Bashews / Wooden Crates

Quirky Parties - Wood Crate Centerpiece Quirky Parties - Wood Crate Centerpiece

Wooden crates are also a popular rustic themed wedding decor item. While it does use more table space since crates can be fairly large it does give you more room for your centerpiece. Simply place the crate upside down on your table, add your flowers and use the extra room of the crate for table numbers. Bashews crates when used as a centerpiece will add an extra 10cm height to your centerpiece.

Wood Runners

Rustic Table Decor - Quirky Parties

Wood table runners are a great choice for anyone using rectangular tables. While it only adds an extra 3-5cm of height its length gives you plenty of options. We typically place flowers in the center of the table runner with candles on both sides. Alternatively we also recommend two smaller flower centerpieces on the ends with the table number and candles in the middle. It all depends on your preference and the length of your tables.

Vintage Books


Quirky Parties - Vintage Books Centerpiece

Make use of stacked vintage books to raise your centrepiece. The variety of colours and heights will ensure a slightly unique look for each table. We suggest vintage tins for your flowers. Place these on the top of a your stacked books to complete the vintage themed centrepiece. An alternative is to hollow out your stacked books and place your flowers within them.

Cake Stands

Quirky Parties - Cake Stand Centerpiece

Using cake stands is a simple way to raise the height of your centerpiece if you’re having low round shaped floral displays. Cake stands come in different materials including metal, plastic, wood or glass making it easy to find one that suit your theme. Another benefit of using a cake stand centerpiece is the space under the cake stand for candles and a table number. Perfect for round tables where space is an issue.

Table decor can be difficult to decide on. With so many options it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Hopefully this post has sparked the perfect centrepiece idea to suit your wedding decor.