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The many uses of Rustic Crates for your wedding decor

Rustic crates are one of the most versatile decor items at any event. Especially for those with a rustic themed wedding. In this post we’ll highlight just a few ways in which to showcase the humble crate.

Down the isle

Placing crates down the aisle may be a great way to define the space between two sets of benches or chairs. The crates make a good feature when they are placed upside down and flowers in buckets or similar containers are positioned on the crates. You may even want to plant flowers into the crates in your wedding colours.

Quirky Parties - Rustic Crate Wedding Isle

Cake stand

Create a simple but effective cake stand by using an upside down rustic crate or even a few crates and display your wedding cake on the top.

Quirky Parties Rustic Crate Wedding Cake
Quirky Parties - Rustic Crate Wedding Cake

Seating plan

You would need a couple of rustic crates in order to create a fabulous seating plan. Position your crates into the pattern that you like. Depending of the amount of guests at your wedding, tie string to the crates and add pegs. You can then hang your place names onto the string in alphabet order and there you have your rustic crates seating plan.

Quirky Parties - Rustic Crate Wedding Seating Plan

Quirky Parties - Rustic Crate Wedding Seating Plan

Serving drinks

Place hessian strapping through the holes in the sides of the rustic crates, You then have the perfect rustic tray to carry around drinks or cakes to your guests.

Quirky Parties - Rustic Crate Wedding Drinking Tray

Adding height

A very popular way to add height and interest to centrepieces is to use rustic crates. Place the crate in the centre of the table and then add your decor items. The centrepiece would normally start off with a vase or jar of flowers. You would then add candles, table numbers and any other decor items which is personal to you. A great idea would be to paint or print the table number directly onto the crate.

Quirky Parties - Wood Crate Centerpiece

Drinks station

While drinks stations are so popular right now you need to have dispensers for guests to help themselves to a drink of their choice. Not all dispensers come with stands so this is where rustic crates are so useful. Place the dispeners onto the crates for ease of pouring.

Quirky Parties Rustic Crate Drinks Station

Confetti or favour holder

Rustic crates are the perfect vessel to use for holding your favours or for confetti.
Turn the crates on it’s back or sideways and fill with your jars of jam, bottles of liqueur, potplants or bags of cookies. Confetti in cones need to be placed in a container so why not use rustic crates for this purpose. Place the crate on a small table at the back of where the service is being held so the guests can grab a cone as they leave.

Quirky Parties Rustic Crate Confetti

Dessert station or candy bar

If you have access to lots of rustic crates you can make an eye catching display for your dessert station or candy bar. Simply stack up various crates and place your desserts inside on on top of your crates until you have the desired effect.

Quirky Parties Rustic Crate Candy Bar


Stacks of rustic crates on either side of the couple would do well as an altar. With the crates turned in different directions you could decorate with jars and vases of flowers, picture frames, lanterns and candles inside and on the top of the rustic crates.

Quirkyp Parties Rustic Crate Alter

Quirkyp Parties Rustic Crate Alter

Corner display

Build an eye catching attractive corner display using crates. This is a good idea if you have a dull corner to fill. Start building from the bottom with 3 or more crates to taper to one single crate at the top. Decorate with swags or garlands of greenery on the outside and smaller colourful flowers inside the crates. Finish of with a few vintage details items such as an old camera, vintage picture frame or old rusty birdcage.

Quirky Parties Rustic Crate Decor

Card holder

Every wedding should have a card holder for envelopes, cash and gift vouchers. This is for safekeeping and also to keep all your cards in one place. Decorate your rustic crate with the word “cards” in bunting to carry on the rustic theme and display on a surface with flowers.

Quirky Parties Rustic Crate Cards Box

I hope that gives you some ideas using rustic crates for decorating for parties and events.