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Embossed beverage dispenser

The Embossed beverage dispenser is made of clear glass and has a cylindrical shape which tapers towards the bottom of the jar. It has a flip top lid which is airtight and also sports a vintage inspired embossed pattern in the glass. The embossed beverage dispenser has a capacity of 7.5 litres and features a non-drip spout for easy dispensing.

Display this elegant and functional embossed beverage dispenser at your wedding filled with your favorite drink. Perfect for serving Pimms, fruit infused water, juice, lemonade or anything you like with ease. This charming dispenser is a convenient way to keep your beverages fresh and with the large liquid capacity you can quench the thirst of all your party guests.

The embossed beverage dispenser makes serving eye-catching refreshments a breeze. It is great for showcasing your most colorful or fruit filled beverages, making it on-trend and ideal for both casual and formal occasions. At the same time it’s eye-catching design enhances your decor. It is also practical, easy to use and space saving.

The tap on the dispenser allows for easy dispensing so your guests can conveniently serve themselves. Because it is clear glass you always know when to refill. Use this beautiful piece as part of your wedding reception decor, party or special event. No matter what the occasion, this clear glass embossed beverage dispenser will serve your chilled refreshments in style.

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